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How it Works

Originate Better Deals, Faster.

Step 1

Use View to execute SCAs and post them to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) contracts faster.
Here’s how it works…

Step 2

Contract with landowners on pre-qualified sites that have run
through Develop Analyze and have had offtake identified.

Step 3

As market and grid conditions change, use Develop Analyze to analyze the technical
and commercial feasibility 5x faster. Use the analytics to get your Site Control Agreements (SCAs) done faster.

Step 4

Origination teams then list projects on the marketplace for PPAs and receive
curated matches of pre-vetted energy buyers, reducing time to contract execution.

Step 5

As market, grid, and supply chain conditions change, subscribe to View to analyze
the listing’s technical and commercial feasibility 5x faster. Once you’ve repriced,
republish it to get your deal across the finish line.

Streamline your Process to Sign Better SCAs and PPAs

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and utilizing the highest-quality data, View® accelerates the early-stage development and origination of utility-scale solar & BESS projects.

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Develop Marketplace

Connect with landowners faster to sign SCAs

  • Review and acquire high-quality, pre-optimized sites with optional integrated DNV software.
  • Reduce time to site control by contracting with landowners with pre-vetted site control agreement terms.
  • Use the Develop Analyze subscription to seamlessly run scenario analysis as deal conditions change.
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Develop Analyze

Make better development & origination decisions

  • Model different landowner lease or purchase prices, new site boundaries and more to reduce commercial feasibility time.
  • Improve estimation accuracy and establish better contract terms with P90 modeling and best available site-specific data from DNV.


List projects and contract Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with offtakers faster

  • Speed up PPA origination by listing projects to the marketplace.
  • Find curated matches of pre-qualified off-takers for your project based on location, credit score, PPA price, target COD, and more.
  • Contract with pre-vetted PPA Term Sheet agreement terms.
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Match with partners

Connect with DNV and other service provider
partners  to further de-risk your projects.

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